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Yes, if you are not available the Local Telephone Company may not be able to complete delivery of the data line. If they are not able to complete the delivery of the data line — we will have to reschedule the installation.
It typically takes between 5 and 15 business days to establish service.
If your broadband service has not yet been activated for DSL high speed internet, please forward a copy of your exemption certificate to the attention of the representative that is working your installation. If you have already begun receiving your invoic...
There is a small chance that service will not be able to be established. If the Local Telephone Company does not have enough facilities to support the new line. You would be informed of this problem as soon as Smartcom Internet is notified. If the Local...
Smartcom will provide you with the IPs once we have received the Local Telephone Company's installation date. You will receive this information via e-mail or fax.
Smartcom Internet will invoice you within 5 days of your installation. You will be mailed an invoice to the address that you have specified to us for billing. If you are paying by credit card you will still receive a paper invoice from Smartcom Internet....
The new data line will be installed at the Network Interface Device (NID) or Minimal Point of Entry (MPOE), which is typically located in a designated area of your building. All of your buildings telephone lines will run into this location.
Our Technical Support Team can be reached at 956-687-7070.
Pre-installation order questions can be directed to our Customer Support Team at 956-687-7070. They are available Monday-Friday, from 8am to 6pm CST to service your non-technical support needs.
No. We are ordering a completely separate line to your location. Your phone service will not be interrupted.
In the unlikely event that our technician is unable to find an available pair of wires to connect the new data line to the location where we are installing the CPE, new wiring will be required. Our technicians will install up to 50' of wiring provided the...
Often, our customers have a local support person or contractor who can easily handle these LAN activities and knows your local network.