Error 650 The Remote Access server is not responding.
Posted by Steven Moghadam on 09 March 2008 05:00 PM
All versions of Windows - if connecting to a WindowsNT server with PPTP. See MS KB Q162847
Error 650 can also occur if the ISP server modem/equipment is not set up properly.

If this error persists, try dialing in to the server with Hyperterminal connected directly to modem. (Also see - Using Hyperterminal.) Nearly all servers will respond after CONNECT with a login prompt for your user name, and then password. This will allow you to see any error response from the server. If the server accepts your username and password, it should start a PPP session, and you cannot use Hyperterminal to get any further - you may see 'garbage' characters. If this happens, the username and password combination should work with DUNs. If you get an error, contact your service provider and have them try and log in with your account information.

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