Knowledgebase: Error 629
Error 629 The port was disconnected by the remote machine.
Posted by Steven Moghadam on 09 March 2008 04:53 PM
With all versions of Windows - Make sure the username and password you have entered for the DUNS connection is correct. Also make sure the phone number is correct. Remember that passwords are case sensitive, and since what you enter appears as ****, it's easy to enter an incorrect password. Depending upon your browser, mail, and other net-aware apps, a dial-up networking connection can be initiated by various programs - some of which may have their own settings for what DUNS connection to use, username and password. Make sure the username, password, and connectoid to use are correct in each of the programs you use to start a connection. (In particular, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Internet Connection Wizard, Outlook Express, Outlook, etc. all have options to automatically start a DUNS connection.)

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